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Adding stocks

Adding a single stock

IMPORTANT! Before you enter a stock:

Before you enter a new stock manually, make sure that the stock does not already exist in the database. Please use the "Accession and plots" search to search for the stock by name and several possible synonyms. Enter the stock only if you don't find it in the database!

Stocks (accessions, plots, populations, etc) can be added one by one using the web interface. To do this you must be logged into CassavaBase and have an account that has submitter privileges. To change your account status from "user" to "submitter" you must contact CassavaBase. To learn how to change your account status, click here.

To add a stock, locate the search menu and choose the "Accessions and plots" option.

Stocks - Accessions and Plots toolbar.png

On the search page, click on 'Submit new stock...'. The new stock input form will be displayed, as shown below:

Submit New Stock Link.png

The Organism field is an autocomplete field for the organism. Start to type, and the matching organisms in the database are shown in a pull-down menu. For cassava, select Manihot esculenta.

For the stock type, select accession (default). It is rare that plots are entered manually this way, they are usually created using the field layout creation tool.

The stock name should be a standard name given to the stock at a national facility. You can enter synonyms at a later stage.

The unique name is usually the same as the stock name.

Please add a textual description of the stock. This can include the particular features of the stock (resistance, appearance, etc), as well as its use in experiments (parent of mapping population, sequenced genome, etc).

Creating a New Stock.png

Other information

Additionally, there will be spaces in which other information can be added, such as descendants, images, literature annotations, ontology annotations, phenotypes, and genotypes. These spaces can be found by scrolling down on the "Create a new stock" page.

When you are done, hit the "Store" button.

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