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CassavaBase Manual

Basic functions

Creating an Account

Managing your Account

Menu Layout


Managing Breeding Functions

Entering Location Data

Adding Stocks

Entering Cross Information

Managing Field Layouts (Trial Details)

Creating Trials

Field Book App

Introduction to the Field Book App

Field layout files

Trait files

Moving Files from Computer to Tablet

Importing Files to the Tablet

Exporting Files from Tablet to Computer

Uploaded phenotype files

Loading initial data and data from other platforms

• Loading accessions
• Loading crosses
• Loading trials
• Loading phenotypes

Genomic Selection

Building a Prediction Model

Method 1: Trait Approach

Method 2: Trial Approach

Method 3: Custom List Approach


Creating Multiple Models Simultaneously

Estimating Breeding Values for Multiple Traits

Estimating Genetic Correlation

Calculating Selection Index

Population Structure Analysis

Barcode Functions

• Print barcodes for selected accessions and plots

• Print barcode tools



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