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Entering Cross Information

Cross information can be added using the "Crosses" option in the Manage menu on the CassavaBase toolbar.

Crosses in Manage Menu.png

A list of already entered crosses is displayed. These crosses are specific to the user account, and cannot be seen by other users. To add a new cross, click the "Add cross..." link in the upper right of the "Crosses" section.

Add cross link.png

Clicking the "Add cross" link will cause a new dialogue to pop up:

Crosses dialogue.png

Information to fill out:
Cross name: enter a name for the cross.
Cross type: the options for cross types are: biparental, self, open pollinated, bulk, bulk selfed, bulk and open pollinated, and double haploid.
• The Maternal parent and paternal parent field are auto-complete fields for accessions that are already in the database. The parents specified will be entered in the pedigree of the new accessions generated by this cross.
Breeding program: Select a breeding program that is available in the database. New breeding programs can be added on the "Breeding program" page, accessible from the "Manage" menu. Breeding Program Page
Location: Select a location for the cross. New locations can be entered on the "Locations" page, accessible from the "Manage" menu. Location Page

If you know the number of accessions that are generated from the cross, they can be instantiated immediately in the database by clicking the "Create accessions for progeny" checkbox and specifying the number. Other options include number of flowers and number of seeds.

Click "Submit" to generate the cross.

The cross page should be displayed.

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