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Exporting Files from Tablet to Computer

Information and data that has been collected on the Field Book App can be exported back onto a computer. The information from the Field Book App must first be exported to a computer before being uploaded to the CassavaBase website.

To begin the process of exporting data, click on the "Export" link on the main menu page of the Field Book App.

Export Data.png

Clicking the "Export" link will open a new dialogue window. Check the "Database Format" box, this will ensure that the data is exported in the correct format.

Export Data Database Format.png

Clicking "Okay" will create a file that is ready to be exported. However, the file must be copied from the tablet and moved to the computer. The file will then be available in the "field_export" file found on the computer. Opening the "field_export" file will allow you to look at all of the files that have been exported while using the Field Book App on the tablet.


fieldbook layout export.png

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