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Creating Field Layout Files for the Field Book App

To access all Field Layout Files, click on the "Field Book App" under the "manage" menu of the CassavaBase toolbar.

Field Book App Link.png

Once on the Field Book App page, all the existing field layout files can be accessed:

Field Layout Files.png
To create a Field Book first go to the "Trial Detail" page of any preexisting trial. To learn how to access trial details, click here.
Once on the trial detail page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Create Field Book" link in the "Files" tab.

Create Field Book Link.png
Clicking on the "Create Field Book" link will open a new dialogue, which will say that the file was downloaded successfully to your CassavaBase account.

Filed Book Layout Download successful.png

As mentioned earlier, all field layout files that are downloaded can be viewed and managed on the Field Book Tools Page. Once field layout files have been added , they can be downloaded and saved directly to your computer by clicking on the "Download" link next to each trial. Most of the files will be in Excel spread sheet form. After downloading the data to your computer, the information on the field layout files can be looked at whenever you'd like, independent of internet access.

Field Book Tools Download.png

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