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Importing Information to the Android Tablet

After copying the Field Layout Files and trait Files from the computer into the Field Book App of the Android Tablet, the information must still be imported on the actual Android in order to access the data. To learn how to put CassavaBase files onto the Tablet, click here.

1. Open the Field Book App in the Android Tablet. The Field Book App icon is a green rectangle.

Field Book App.png

2. To import Field Layout Files, click on the "Fields" section of the main menu of the Field Book App.

Import Field Layout File .png

Selecting the "Fields" tab will open a new dialogue that will ask you to select from data that was added from the computer to the tablet.

Choose Field File.png

Choosing a Field File will generate a new dialogue that will ask you to buck between an Excel and CSV format. Since the data from CassavaBase is in Excel format, choose the Excel option.

Fields Excel.png

After submitting the formatting information, a final dialogue box will appear, asking you to input information about the file that is to be imported onto the tablet. After hitting the "OK" button, the file will be fully imported to the Android tablet.

Field Import Info.png

3. To import Trait Files, click on the "Traits" tab on the main menu of the Field Book App.

Import Field Layout Files Tablet.png

Click on the three dots that are found on the upper right corner of the Field Book screen. This will open a drop down menu with the choices "Import" and "Export". Click on "Import"
import traits.png

Clicking on "import" will open a new dialogue that will display possible trait files to import to the Field Book App.

import traits dialogue.png

The trait file is now imported into the tablet. The traits page will show all trait files and available traits.

traits page.png

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